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About us

Global Nuclear Security Partners is a world leading management consultancy specialising in nuclear security and nuclear threat reduction, with expertise in the civil and defence nuclear sectors and across the nuclear fuel cycle.

We bring the most capable and innovative minds to bear in support of our clients.  

Our team have been involved in the development and technical authoring of many key documents including:


  • ONR Security Assessment Principles (SyAPs)

  • Potential Adversary Force (PADFOR)

  • ONR Guide for Smaller Duty Holders.

  • UK MOD Threat & Vulnerability Analysis Peer Review (TVAPR)

  • Multiple WINS best practice guides, modules for the CNSP Academy, and special reports.


Our clients are drawn from across the nuclear lifecycle in both the civil and defence sectors. We have collaborated wth clients to develop and apply regulation and defence policy, written NSSP, and compliant supporting arrangements and conducted multiple innovative site security surveys. Our clients include: the UK Department for Energy Security and Net Zero; the UK Ministry of Defence; UK National Nuclear Laboratory; the Canadian Nuclear Waste Management Organistion; the Ukrainian Government and nuclear industry; Magnox; Babcock International; BAE Submarines; University of Bristol; University of Manchester and SMR developers. We’ve worked with the armed police capability of the Ministry of Defence Police, Civil Nuclear Constabulary and US teams in protecting nuclear material and developing doctrine, and with the infrastructure police of some Middle Eastern Governments.


Our consultants and company advisors are former nuclear security regulators, Armed Forces, law enforcement, intelligence community, IAEA experts and senior nuclear threat reduction specialists from around the globe.


We are truly global in nature.

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