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Pillar #3

Training & Independent Assurance

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The variety of training and assurance support we provide includes:

  • Independent audit and maturity assessment of functional areas of capability.

  • The design, delivery and assurance of live, multi-agency exercises.

  • Devil's advocacy and regulatory red teaming in advance of inspections or external audit.

  • REDFLAG™️ resilience wargaming for training, rehearsal, assurance or CPD.

  • Threat & Vulnerability Analysis Peer Review (TVAPR) training and delivery.

  • UK offsite training days in our partner facility.

  • Training and mentoring of assurance and exercise planning teams.

  • Facilitation of multi-agency response exercises and training events.

  • Delivery, with our partner Nuclear Training Services, of a range of in-person training courses.

In addition to providing independent expert assurance across a range of disciplines we also work with clients to support the development of their own internal assurance functions. 


Registered UK address: 85 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 7LT, United Kingdom

Global Nuclear Security Partners Limited is registered in England & Wales 13728645


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