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Our partners

South West Nuclear Hub

The South West Nuclear Hub is helping to realise the zero-carbon economy of the future. They provide a focus for civil nuclear research, innovation and skills in the South West of the UK, bringing together a strategic alliance of academic, industrial and governmental members

Nuclear Consulting

Nuclear Consulting has been solving problems in the UK nuclear industry for over a decade with specialists in many areas of design, project delivery, engineering management, construction, commissioning and nuclear safety


Our government-accredited endpoint security, cross domain technology and sovereign cloud services, help protect the critical national infrastructure from elevated cyber threat.

World Institute for Nuclear Security

WINS are a professional institute committed to building an international community of nuclear security professionals who are demonstrably competent and willing to work together to strengthen the security of nuclear and other radioactive materials.

International Nuclear Security Forum

The International Nuclear Security Forum provides a space for a diverse group of international experts to identify, create, and support strategies for reducing nuclear terrorism risks.


Cogent Security LLC

Cogent are our US nuclear security consulting partners. They are the largest and most trusted nuclear security consultancy in the US and are active across government including with the US DOE NNSA. 

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