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Pillar #4

International Architecture & Safeguards

Country Flags

Supporting our clients to ensure compliance with international obligations and prevent proliferation, runs through our support to clients in the defence and civil sectors.  Specifically, we support this important pillar of security in the following ways:

  • Working with pre-nuclear nations to educate and inform key decision makers about obligations.

  • Non-proliferation is an implicit theme throughout all our security work.

  • We support International organisations such as the World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS).

  • We are the first nuclear security consultancy to be be offered observer status by IAEA's International Nuclear Security Education Network (INSEN).

  • We support partner organisations to deliver informed views on non-proliferation.

  • We are constantly alive to the need to integrate safeguards into nuclear security decision. making and planning at the national and strategic levels of decision making.

We recognise the importance of the international architecture and work with partners, on a national and internaitonal level to ensure compliance with the international rules-based order designed to ensure the safe and secure use of nuclear technology.

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