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Pillar #6

Radiological Survey & Reconnaissance


Our radiological survey and reconnaissance capability supports our clients to exploit leading technology and the support of our partner academic institutions across a range of nuclear sector and non-nuclear sector activity to de-risk high value commercial operations.

Our support capabilities include:

  • Mapping: High-precision mapping for accurate topographical and resource location information, enhancing planning and operational efficiency.

  • Imaging: Advanced imaging for comprehensive subsurface and structural assessments, increasing safety and reliability.

  • Data Analysis and Post-Processing: In-depth post-processing and analysis of collected data, extracting key insights for informed decision-making and optimized operations.

  • Technology: Utilising cutting-edge technology for superior detail, accuracy, and data interpretation.

  • Integration & Customisation: Seamless integration with existing operations and customizable solutions to meet specific project needs.

  • Outcomes: In addition to de-risking commercial exploration operations, with our partners we deliver improved security, safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance for the nuclear and mining sectors through actionable data insights.

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